About Scout

Director: Laurie Weltz

Cast: India Ennenga, James Frecheville, Onata Aprile, Danny Glover, Ellen Burstyn, Nikki Reed

Writer: Laurie Weltz

Producers: Beverley A. Gordon, Dwjuan Fox, Nicolas Emiliani

Scout, a rebellious teenager from rural Texas, and Sam, a wealthy suicidal New Yorker, are polar opposites, but when the two meet through the fence of the posh mental institute where he is staying, they form an instant bond. After Scout loses the only thing in the world that really matters to her – her little sister, Lulu—she convinces Sam to go on a road trip with her to get Lulu back. Traveling across West Texas in a stolen car, they skip from one tiny town to the next looking for her sister, but after a convenience store robbery goes wrong, being on the road quickly turns into being on the run. SCOUT is a touching tale of two misfits coming together to create a new kind of family.

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