CUT (Feature film)

Director: Allan Holzman

Writer: Dylan Visvikis

Story by: Allan Holzman and Dylan Visvikis

Producer: Beverley A. Gordon

Thirteen film students race to finish their films for a 48 hour horror competition in a Northern Minnesota film school. After a raging blizzard initiates an automatic full-building lockdown, they become trapped inside. Under the guidance of their also trapped (and soon to be unexpectedly murdered) professor, the students energetically employ more creative methods for making their films. When the students discover that the killer is inside with them, the remaining members of the group band together in a struggle to stay alive. The killer is not only among them, but can change form at will, adapting into various entities from the students’ own horror scripts. Their cinematic fantasies turn into a horrific reality, leading to a disturbingly wonderful climax that would delight any filmmaker... if not for the heavy human toll.