The Other Brother

Director: Mandel Holland

Cast: Mekhi Phifer, Andre B. Blake, Tangi Miller, Michelle Morgan, Regina Hall, Ebony Jo-Ann, Carmen De Lavallade

Writer: Mandel Holland

Producers: Mandel Holland, Carrie Specht, Beverley Gordon, Lisa Pitt

Martin (Mekhi Phifer—O, Brian’s Song, Paid in Full) has spent his life being a good son, a good brother and a good friend, but his luck with women is all bad.  The soft-spoken arts columnist hasn’t had a date since his bizarre break-up with his fiancée. Then he meets Paula (Tangi Miller—Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story, TV’s “Felicity”), the pretty young art professor who lives upstairs, and Martin’s lack of experience becomes painfully apparent.  Enter brother Junnie (Andre B. Blake—Stepmom), an expert in scamming and scheming. This ultimate “player” intends to teach Martin how to get any woman he wants.

Sporting a new look and a new attitude, Martin is quickly becoming a regular Casanova as he spends every night on the prowl with Junnie.  But it isn’t long before reality closes in. A missed deadline places his job in jeopardy, he’s losing the respect of his best friend, and worst of all, Paula is under the impression that he’s a womanizer.  Meanwhile, Junnie’s hustles are turning into hassles as both his landlady and his racketeer boss are demanding money he doesn’t have.

Do nice guys really finish last?  Is responsibility a blessing or a curse?  When is being a player just too much work?  Martin and Junnie struggle with these questions against a backdrop of contemporary Harlem.